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"I love inspiring the body of chRist"

Anne Latour is known for fighting Satan & kingdom of darkness. She does not back down from a challenge – especially witchcraft. 

She has studied under the teachings of Dr. Ron Horner, Robert Henderson, Daniel Duval, Dr. Bailey, John Ramirez & Jentezen Franklin.

Anne had traveled with Sean Feucht & the Let Us Worship Team as their ‘Spiritual Lawyer’ AKA Team Intercessor. Currently she is the co-founder of Advocates of Heaven, a deliverance & inner healing ministry in the courts of heaven.

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LUW 2020

The dirt on Anne Latour - now covered under the blood of jesus christ

Everyone has a story...

Anne grew up in a home filled with the Holy Spirit. She went to church on Wednesday nights and every Sunday. Her parents hosted Bible studies and sent her to church camp in the summers. Up until fifth grade she had even attended an Assembly’s of God Christian School. Her parents gave her everything they thought she needed to be a good Christian – to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. They did not know that they were just passing on the same milk that they had being drinking in the church.

Although she was filled with the baptism of tongues at the age of nine, she was never taught anything about spiritual warfare. As long as she can remember she would see demons in the middle of the night but since it was never discussed at church or even in her home, she never spoke about it.

As she got older, she would hear or read about people being demon possessed, never really understanding it – passing it onto “they must have done something really evil.”

Her high school and teenage years drew her out into the world, slowly separating her from the church. Although it bothered her parents greatly, she wasn’t at all guilty. She still tried to stay pure – waiting for her husband but being the typical teenager, she figured she knew everything she could about God and the Bible. Her analogy was ‘I knew how to work the vending machine of God, why would I need any more church life?’

She was devastated when her best friend took here own life at the age of 19 years old. She was Catholic and they wouldn’t hold a funeral service for her; she remembered thinking how unfair for her – why wouldn’t she be going to heaven; she loved and knew Jesus too. It drew her back to Jesus just enough to drink a little bit more milk and go back to her worldly life.

In 1999 at the age of twenty-two years old, she moved to Southern California for a job in the entertainment industry. For a year she ran with the industry peeps – celebrities, publicists, all the people you would read about in the entertainment magazines. It was fun to her because she didn’t know or really care who they were, I had never been wrapped up in the scene, but enjoyed the status. So, when she got engaged shortly after – she was excited to move further south to the Orange County area to start a family.

This was when she got back into going to church again, but it was Catholic church because her fiancé was Catholic. They did the “Catholic thing” – went every Sunday, read the prayers, heard the message, and left exactly one hour after it started. It wasn’t even drinking milk, it was more like eating a cookie. She would feel good every Sunday but by Monday morning – she would be back into the routine of the world.

Her marriage didn’t last long, and she found herself a single mom of a four-year-old boy at the age of thirty. Not knowing where to turn, she ran to the vending machine of God and got plugged into a non-denominational church and started a job in the sports industry.

Once again, she got back on the milk in church while also having both feet in the world – and it was the sports industry world of parties and no holes barred entertainment.

In 2012 her world was rocked when her dad took his life, leaving her mom of 40 plus years of marriage, four kids, and seven grandchildren behind. He had struggled with mental illness – depression most of his life. 

Knowing what she knows now, she has had to repent towards the church. The milk they had been feeding him for decades did nothing to help him. Had she known that depression was a spiritual attack, something that could easily be knocked out through strategic prayers – he would be alive today.

During that year following her dad’s suicide she plugged back into church and started to read the Bible again, and when she say “started” it’s because she would fall asleep 90% of the time. She was trying to have a relationship with Jesus, rather than calling on Him whenever she needed the vending machine answers from him.

One year later in 2013, she broke her back on a mission’s trip in Indonesia. It was a miracle that she survived, let alone still walking. The compression burst fracture of the T10 had affected her spine in a way that had her medically diagnosed as “paralyzed.” Miracle after miracle happened that year; you can read more about her story in the book Bali Girl.

Needless to say, that projected her spiritual life and relationship with Jesus forward. She knew it was all God – everything, and she owed her continued existence to Him. So, again she got plugged back into church and drank the milk that they were serving.

Her life was rotating around God… serving in the church, building single mom’s ministries, and leading women’s ministries – speaking at events, encouraging women that through God, anything was possible. She hates to say it, but she was serving up the milk too. It was all she knew until her eyes were opened to the spirit realm.

All this time serving in the church, living a ‘godly life’ she struggled with some strongholds that she couldn’t seem to break free from no matter how much she repented, prayed and memorized scripture.

After reading the book, The Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin, she realized that she was being oppressed by the devil. The spiritual forces of darkness were at work in her life. She wasn’t demonized but every time she committed a sin – she was opening the doors of her mind to Satan and the kingdom of darkness – giving them the legal right to oppress her more and more, her thoughts and eventually her actions.

She sought out deliverance right away and literally within hours, she was freed from addictions & struggles that she had battled all her life. She walked away hearing, seeing and knowing God’s plan for her clearly.

After receiving clarity, she could not get enough of Jesus. She was able to read the Bible without falling asleep, listen to sermons without being offended and personally saw Jesus in a whole new light. Now she study’s legal rights – what is it that keeps us oppressed and in the dark – she wants to learn as much as possible so she can warn others.

Early 2020 she became the co-founder of Proverbs 31 Generation, a 501(c)3 organization. Their mission is to prepare the Bride of Christ, making deliverance available in every corner of the world.

Anne began traveling with the Sean Feucht Let Us Worship Team in August 2020. She had received a mandate from God to  pray over generals, which lead her into intercession for the team. Besides being the team intercessor, she was also known as Tour Mom/Road Mom – a title she is proud to hold.

Currently Anne is an intercessor in the corporate world and working on writing more books. She also teaches intercession in the Courts of Heaven with her ministry, Advocates of Heaven.

If you struggle with strongholds, then removing legal rights is the only way to break free forever. She highly recommends getting deliverance and/or taking any of the courses offered through Advocates of Heaven so that you can give your final eviction notice to Satan & the kingdom of darkness.



Spiritual Warfare from the courts of Heaven