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Author of Bali Girl.
An inspirational story about a leap of
faith into spiritual awakening.

Author of Bali Girl.
An inspirational story about a leap of
faith into spiritual awakening.

Staying Positive in the Hardest of Times

Learn how to stay positive during the hardest of times. Life is like a puzzle.

Your loved one dies. You lose your job. A family member gets sick. Someone breaks their back.

God says to always be thankful, for a grateful heart is a happy heart. How is it possible to look at any one of these things in a positive way? Have you ever looked back on a situation in your life and thought, Wow—I can’t believe I got through that! But at the time, you thought there was no way possible to get past the situation? It’s like looking through a microscope. When you look into the eye hole, all you see is a small molecule, but if you were to zoom out, you can see that it’s something bigger. That’s how life is.

Too often we only see what’s directly in front of us, rather than believing that it’s part of a bigger picture. Think of life like a puzzle; sometimes we have to add more pieces to it before we start to see what it’s going to turn into. We cruise through the end/straight edge and corner pieces but then when it comes to fitting the rest in place, it gets frustrating.

God created each one of us for a reason. The minute we were born, he had a puzzle box with your life picture on the front. The Bible says in the book of Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” That means everything God has in store for you is great, even amazing—but it’s up to us as individuals to turn to Him for direction. If you are going through hard times, it could be that He is trying to get your attention. Maybe you got off track with your puzzle and tried to start another one . . . Let Him tell you which piece to pick up next.

Or does it feel like you keep picking up the same wrong piece over and over again? Stop and listen for His voice, and follow His direction. He will not steer you wrong. He will not harm you.

Does it seem like you have pieces to another puzzle mixed up in yours? It could be possible. We get close to other people and let them into our lives without really getting to know who they are, possibly negative people or immoral people. Before we know it, our puzzles are intertwined and it almost seems impossible to find the right piece.

It’s good to step back and look at our lives to see what impact our friends and family are having. If it’s a negative one, then we need to be strong and take action. Life is too short to let others affect how and when we place our puzzle pieces. God created you, He designed your puzzle—let Him guide you all the way.

There is hope through Christ. Know that your life is all part of a bigger picture, an even larger puzzle. Stay focused on God and you will have strength in finishing your puzzle.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the opportunity to put together my own puzzle. Please give me the strength and the wisdom to choose the right pieces. Please give me the grace to put pieces back when I make a mistake. Oh Lord, when I can’t seem to find my way through all the pieces, I pray You lead me in the right direction and help me to stay focused on You and what You have in store for me. Amen.


Bali Girl by Anne Latour

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