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Author of Bali Girl.
An inspirational story about a leap of
faith into spiritual awakening.

Author of Bali Girl.
An inspirational story about a leap of
faith into spiritual awakening.

2014 Global Leadership Summit Notes

Dear Readers,

A year ago I never would have imagined that I would be sitting here at a Christian Leadership Conference. God has continued to work changes in my life that I am so grateful for. God’s love and his support is more than I had ever imagined. Each day I am growing deeper and deeper into his love and his plan for me. If only everyone could experience this.

God Bless,
Anne Latour, Author or Bali Girl

2014 Global Leadership Summit  Notes by Anne Latour

 BILL HYBELS: Founder & Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

  • Everyone needs humility
  • All leadership is intensely spiritual
    • Don’t get so addicted to your vision achievement that you forget about your team
      • Create a survey every year asking them how they feel *Don’t do this at the same time as their review
    • Your team will only be as healthy as the senior leader – be serious as a leader
    • Raise the level of candor
      • Let your team know how they are doing & be honest
    • Have a three word conversation twice a year
      • Start, Stop, Continue
      • Move, Motivate, Modify
      • Inspire
    • What if we all looked at conflict as an opportunity to strengthen a relationship?
    • We have a birthdate and a death date on our gravestone, with a dash in between
      • What will you do with your dash?
      • What will you leave behind once your dash is written?
    • Developing Leaders
    • High challenging roles
    • Short term task force
      • Assign them short term tasks that lead to success or failure
    • Develop leaders to have a legacy mindset “Legacy Leader”
    • James 1:12 Endurance – The grander the vision the greater the price tag- be prepared
      • You will need endurance, create an endurance strategy

i.      Take time for yourself, time to be alone to focus on Gods purpose

ii.      Solitude break – everyone needs one

iii.      If we need help- ASK


DON FLOW: Chairman and CEO, Flow Companies

  • Trust that God is acting in everything you do
  • Pray before you start the day
    • Pray for everyone you will be connecting with for wisdom and glory to God
    • ‘Not my will but Your will be done’
  • God’s love should be at the center of everything

JEFFREY IMMELT: President and CEO, General Electric

  • Never fear accountability
    • Take chances – make mistakes
    • Your peers decide how far you go
  • If you want to be successful be willing to stand apart
  • If you want to be successful be willing to cross lines
  • If you want to be successful be willing to break barriers
  • Learn from mistakes not excuses
  • Simplification
  • Less Management – More Leaders
  • Become hyper competitive
  • Test and learn
  • Network and be more transparent
    • Use social media but be open/transparent


SUSAN CAIN: Best-selling Author, Viral TED Speaker on The Power of Introverts

  • Harness the power of an introvert
  • Create a healthy environment for both introvert and extrovert
  • Not everything has to be done in a group
    • Have people work by themselves and then come back to share ideas in a group setting
  • Forget Networking – Focus on Service
    • Ask how you can help them rather than how they can help you
  • Some of the best leaders are introverts
  • Groom an unlikely leader
  • Find your compliment (your yin to your yang- opposites)
  • Find a role model


PATRICK LENCIONI: Best-selling Business Author; Founder and President, The Table Group

  • The biggest mistakes leaders make (PRIDE checkers)
  1. Becoming a leader for the wrong reason
    1. A leader should want to sacrifice themselves for the better of others
    2. If it’s not servant leadership, then it’s just economics
    3. Leadership should be selfless
    4. The only true payout for leadership is eternity
  2. Failing to embrace vulnerability
    1. Admit mistakes
    2. Ask managers what they think of you
    3. Leaders need to be vulnerable
  3. Making leadership too important
    1. Don’t sacrifice family for your leadership
    2. Set priorities & boundaries

JOSEPH GRENNY: Co-Founder, VitalSmarts, Social Scientist for Business Performance

  • Crucial conversations
  • When something matters most, we tend to do our worst
  • Any time you find yourself stuck, there needs to be a crucial conversation
    • Stop and ask yourself
      • What crucial conversation are we not holding or not holding well?
    • Myth: The belief that you have to sacrifice the truth in order to save a friendship
      • You can tell the truth AND keep a friend
    • Crucial conversations are either a pit or a path
      • It is how you have the conversation
    • Start with the heart
      • The first 30 seconds of a crucial conversation determine the outcome
        • Mutual purpose – let them know that you care about the mutual purpose
        • Mutual respect – let them know that you care about them
      • Once they see that you want the same as them (a positive outcome, etc.) and that you care about them individually (not just the company) then they will  9 out of 10 times agree with you or help with a solution
      • Crucial conversations can build intimacy
      • People never get defensive with what you are saying, they get defensive with why you are saying it


WILFREDO De JESUS: Senior Pastor, New Life Covenant Church TIME’s 100 Most Influential People 2013

  • Don’t let your budget dictate your faith
  • If God moves youà move
  • The message is sacred, not the method
  • Fear is the absence of faith
  • Don’t ask questions unless you are ready to do something with the answer
  • When being led to make a change
  1. Pray
    • Ask God for help – for direction
  2. Plan
    • Write it down
  3. Proceed
    • Do what it takes – Act on your calling
  4. Persuade
    • There will always be opposition, be prepared


ERICA ARIEL FOX: New York Times Best-selling Author; President of Mobius Executive Leadership

  • Negotiations
  • We miss out on great opportunities because we don’t know how to negotiate with ourselves
  • Identify your performance gaps
    • Look at yourself differently
      • We are more than one person
      • Each of us is made up like an orchestra – learn how to play all your instruments
    • We all have a ‘dreamer’, a ‘thinker’, a ‘lover’, and a ‘warrior’
      • You might think that you only have a couple of these traits but you have them all
    • The Dreamer (Your inner CEO)
      • Creates possibilities – sets strategic vision – senses a path forward – gives direction
      • The look for the dream beneath the dream
        • Why and where did your dream come from
        • Are you fulfilling it? If not why?
          • Re-organize or restructure your dream so it can be attainable
            • You might have to reach it in a different way
          • The Thinker (You inner CFO)
            • Clarifies perspectives – analyzes data, manages risk, considers consequences
            • Look for probabilities, stats, etc.
            • Look at it as a business not a moral one
          • The Lover (Your inner VP of HR)
            • Cares about people – feels emotions – manages relationships – collaborates with others
            • Tap into the inner emotions of others
            • People want to know you care
          • The Warrior (Your inner COO)
            • Catalyzes performance – takes action – reaches goals – speaks hard truth
            • Sometimes telling the hard truth and telling it lovingly is the right thing to do
            • Before having a meeting, imagine your opponent as a loved one, put yourself in their shoes
          • If you are missing 1 or 2 of these, you are not reaching your full potential


IVAN SATYAVRATA: Senior Pastor, Assembly of God Church, Kolkata, India

  • Knowledge power can be deceptive
    • Be careful
  • It is evil if you know the right thing to do but don’t do it
  • When you feel the weakest, that is when you’ll be the strongest
  • Power is to build up, not to destroy
  • Lead well, finish well and leave a legacy


CARLY FIORINA: Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard; Chairman of Good 360

  • Are you living your life to the fullest potential?
  • Take a leap of faith
  • Human potential is the one limitless resource we have
    • But how do you unlock it?
  • Leadership unlocks potential
    • The highest calling on leaders is to unlock the potential in others
      • Examples: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Jesus
    • Management and leadership are not the same thing
    • Framework for leadership: Imagine a box
      • Top – Vision
        • Strategy, Goals, Why
        • The clearer this is, the better you are
      • Right Side – Organization
        • Team structure, Process, Who and How
      • Bottom – Results
        • Metrics, Lives transformed, Changes, Rewards
      • Left side – Culture
        • Behavior, Walking the talk
        • Actions speak louder than words
      • The framework needs to blend, work together
      • Don’t dictate – set the frame and set leaders free
      • Structure should always follow strategy
      • 20% of people in most organizations are change warriors, they thrive on forward motion
      • 20% of people in most organizations are not moving forward
      • 60% of people in most organizations are skeptics, they are waiting
        • Engage those 60% and you will have 80% of the organization moving forward
      • Everyone has more potential than they know
      • Leaders are made, not born
      • True leadership requires FAITH
        • Faith gives us the gift of true humility
        • Faith gives us the gift of true empathy
        • Faith gives us the gift of true optimism
      • Leadership is a choice
        • Choose to unlock the potential in others


BILL HYBELS: Founder & Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

  • There is a grander vision on planet earth with your name on it
  •  Do you wake up every morning saying, ‘I was born to do this.’
    • I challenge you to ask what your purpose is
    • Each of us was made with a purpose
    • We were made to give our lives meaning
  • The satisfaction you are looking for will never come from self-gratification
    • Do everything by faith
    • Serve people
  • Put your hand in God’s hand and take a leap of faith
    • His plan will unfold for you during your journey


TYLER PERRY: Filmmaker, Actor and Philanthropist

  • When leading in different roles
    • Organize time
    • Require respect for your time from others
  • Surround yourself with people like yourself
  • Forgiveness takes time
    • It won’t happen at the flip of a hat or turn of a switch
      • Until you forgive, it will have a hold over you
    • When dealing with critics, surrender to God
      • Focus on the good comments
      • Psalms 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies
        • We are to sit with our enemies
          • “Watch me eat” says Tyler Perry – have a positive attitude, don’t let them destroy the good that you’re doing


Louie Giglio: Pastor, Passion City Church; Founder of the Passion Movement

  • Humility and Honor is on the doorpost of Heaven
  • Whatever the mountain is in front of you, know that in Jesus name you will succeed
  • Life is short but God is big
  • When everything is going wrong, embrace the darkness because there will be an even greater light that comes out of it
  • You can but you can’t
    • You can with God’s help
    • You can’t on your own

Information attained at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek by Anne Latour on August 14 & 15th 2014

Bali Girl by Anne Latour

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